Armorial Achievement for Whiteoxen Press LLC

Another great design by the Belgian artist Sivane Saray. Please check out his work here, and consider commissioning him for rendering your arms.

The blazon for the arms of Whiteoxen Press LLC is as follows:

Arms: Sable a Chevronel Or between in chief two Ox Heads caboshed Argent and in base an open Book Or pages Argent

Crest: Upon a Torse Or and Sable a Bull rampant guardant Argent holding in its mouth an Artist’s Paintbrush bendwise proper

Motto: Risus Conscio (Informed Mirth)

The owner of Whiteoxen Press LLC is a comic writer and illustrator, as well as holder of the manorial lordship of Whiteoxen in Devon in the United Kingdom. The arms are essentially canting arms.

The arms of Whiteoxen Press are currently registered with the Society of American Armigers. As Americans, we don’t have to go through an arms granting institution like the Lord Lyon of Scotland or the College of Arms in England. For a much, much lower price, you can register them with groups like SAA or the American College of Heraldry.