They’re so sexy

So I REALLY like my Copic Markers.

When I first started illustrating, I went with the cheap Michael’s brand markers and knew they weren’t for me. I remember distinctly the day I decided I was a cartoonist, I rushed to the store and picked up a pad like this one: Canson XL Series Mix Media Paper Pad. I promptly took to sketching away with the nearest mechanical pencil I could find, not bothering to erase the lines before coloring them in with the markers.

I had no idea that the markers could pick up the graphite from the pencil, clogging up the marker tip. Also, the cheap markers just DON’T blend as well as the Copics do. They’ll definitely get you by in a pinch, but I’d start saving my pennies and invest in a good set of Copics.

Since I’m an avid New Yorker cartoon fan, I knew I wanted my art to be primarily monochrome. As a spendthrift, this decision was HUGE.

It’s like living with a shift manager

I like the cools personally, so I went with this exact set: Copic Markers 12-Piece Sketch Set, Cool Gray

Basically, that gives you all the colors you need, they blend together well, and you can come up with a polished product. Way better than what I’ve made here, even. When you’re first starting, I think it’s a good idea to get a set of Copics since it’s usually more price-friendly than buying them individually.

I also recommend making yourself a gradient cheatsheet either out of the margins or on another sheet when you’re coloring a piece.

While you can’t erase Copics, you can use the Colorless Blender to essentially “push” the color back. So if you color over a line, the blender can help “push” it back within boundaries.

This is my favorite kind of image to make with the Copics. I just love how much it looks like an animation cel. Just a bit of Copic magic made the difference.

Management hadn’t read what the new flu shot area would entail…

Also, the Copics at Michaels are kept in a glass case that requires management each time you want to pick a marker. Management then might treat you like they did me, radioing that I needed to be on camera as I left the store. Nothing like making someone feel like a thief to really inspire return business!

So don’t buy Copics there. Or do. With a coupon.