According to some unverified sources, the legal team for President Trump is afraid that he will commit perjury if he testifies before Robert Mueller’s team. Ty Cobb, a mustachioed attorney for the President has specifically said that he hopes Special Counsel Mueller won’t set a perjury trap for Trump.

I won’t bother recounting all of the lies President Trump has told since taking office. I’ll let PolitiFact do that for you. It looks like they have the total count above 300 lies. 78 were rated “pants on fire.”

So why are his attorneys afraid of a perjury trap? Any questions asked will set Mr. Cobb’s mustache a-twitchin,’ I’m willing to bet. “Will you state your name for the record?”


I believe the Vanity Fair analysis is correct in its assumption that Trump will most likely just plead the Fifth, protecting himself from any further scrutiny. Chris Smith points out that Trump’s insults and undermining of the Special Counsel might soften the blow of such a maneuver. When you’re used to seeing someone deliver childish insults on a daily basis, pleading the Fifth would be just another headline, quickly replaced by a stupid soundbite or headline about one of his cabinet members.

But Trump can’t plead the Fifth I have all this popcorn stocked up just for this testimony. Think of the popcorn, Mr. Trump!

If Trump ever does make it into the same room as Mr. Mueller, I imagine this is how he’d look…