Martin Shkreli is going to jail. He won’t pass Go, but he does get to keep a good chunk of his sweet cash. The judge in the case ordered that he pay back $7.4 million. America’s pharmaceutical sweetheart really dug himself a hole this time, but we shouldn’t shed a tear. The man who threatened a coworker’s wife, saying his goal was to make her homeless, now has a home for the next seven years.

In 2012, more than 20,000 inmates across the country had a diagnosis of HIV or AIDS. Maybe the next seven years will be a chance for Mr. Shkreli to get close with some of those affected by his skyrocketing price of the medication Daraprim.

In court, a lighter prison sentence was sought, in part due to Shkreli’s good-natured teaching of mathematics to other inmates. He also emailed his attorneys saying he would do everything in his power for a lighter sentence.

In fact, they wrote from the bottoms of their hearts:
“If not warehoused in prison, Martin could literally save lives…”

How many lives were impacted because of his price gouging? How many lives will be saved just by having him behind bars?

Bon voyage and good riddance.